The history of Lansdown

The Lansdown Club has a fascinating history attached to it which begins over 100 years ago.


On 13 September 1882, a group of enthusiasts got together to form The Lansdown Private Lawn Tennis Club with a limit of fifty members. A lease was negotiated with Charlecombe Church and a local farmer for land between Richmond Road and Lansdown Road which included an unused Racquets court which has been there for many years.


Within a few years, demand for membership was so great that it was agreed to make the club open to any members.


Many improvements were made to the facilities and playing surfaces and between 1923 and 1925 the club purchased its present land from the church and also land from a local builder for a consideration of £1,250.


In 1970 negotiations took place to amalgamate with Lansdown Squash Club which owned land in St Stephens Road. This land was sold to Bath University and the proceeds funded the construction of four new courts behind the existing Clubhouse and changing rooms. Around this time a grassed area on the lower level land had started to be used for Croquet.


In 1979 the Club took its first steps towards converting the grass tennis courts to astroturf and converting the ‘birdcage’ grass tennis court into a second Croquet Lawn, allowing the Croquet section to expand. Over the next fifteen years all the grass courts were replaced by astroturf courts and the three lower courts were covered with macadam.


The astroturf courts transformed the tennis section of the Club and membership numbers grew steadily. Floodlighting was also introduced in the 1970’s, and in 1997 a Club member re-designed the Clubhouse.


In 2015, four of the astroturf courts were converted to artificial clay courts and these have proved very popular with members and visitors alike.


Some artefacts showing this amazing history are on display in the Clubroom. These include photos, trophies and the honour boards above the Bar.