Squash and Racketball at The Lansdown Club

Squash and Racketball are fantastic sports offering a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional benefits; yet many people have never tried them due to a lack of opportunity and the misperception that they are too difficult.


How difficult is it to hit a small ball against a wall? With four well-maintained squash courts, The Lansdown Club has the best facilities for squash in the area. These courts are used for either Squash or Racketball (also known as Squash 57), which is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Racketball is particularly popular among tennis members seeking an indoor, aerobic sport, who find it arguably easier to adapt to than regular Squash.


The Lansdown Club offers team squash for all levels playing throughout the year, an annual Club Championship, a Handicap Tournament and Box Leagues for both squash and squash 57, all are very popular and well attended.


We also hold exhibition matches and in the past two years, we have had matches featuring Top 10 players in the world including Marwan El Shorbagy. Not only does this give the opportunity to see Squash and Racketball played at the highest level but also the chance to play these players as well!!


If you are new to the sports and fear they are “too fast” or “you are not good enough” then be reassured that they are fully inclusive sports – something which two players of differing ability can play a game with both getting something out of it. The buzz from playing squash is like no other sport, it puts such a smile on your face just from the pleasure of playing the game. (If Andy Murray played squash he’d be unrecognizable :-).


We are proud to count among our members several players who compete at the World Masters championships.

If you are new to the sports and fear they are "too fast" or "you are not good enough" then be reassured that they are fully inclusive sports