Carter Jonas Box Leagues

We are delighted that Carter Jonas Estate Agents sponsor our Tennis and Squash Box Leagues.


The Box League provides an easy way to play competitive mixed-sex singles tennis on a regular basis and is available to all senior tennis members as well as junior members over 14 years old. You are allocated according to approximate playing ability to a box of 4-6 players and arrange your own matches with each other player within the box period which usually runs for 7-8 weeks. There is a system of promotion and relegation at the end of each box period which gives you a chance to meet and play with different members as well as hopefully providing you with matches at an appropriate playing standard for you each time.


The format is 2 standard sets with a championship tie-break 3rd set if required to decide the winner. At the end of the box, player scores are tallied up and new boxes arranged for the next round according to performance.


The Box Leagues are run online, with the current box and full rules to be found in the Members section of this website.

Email lansdowntennisboxes@outlook.com for more information and/or to enter the next set of boxes.